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'Cinderella Blues'

Recordings from 1923 to 1930

© Crystal Stream Audio 2021 IDCD450
Total playing time: 77.19

Cinderella Blues; Hot Stuff; Hard Hearted Hannah; Monte Carlo Moon; If It Wasn't for You; Roamin' Around; Beside a Silv'ry Stream; Deep Elm; I Want You All for Me; Swing Along; Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella; Ella Cinders; Shine; Cinderella Blues; Doin' the Racoon; Gloriana; A Precious Little Thing Called Love; Kewpie; All A-Twitter; Should I?; I'm Following You; I'm Sailing On a Sunbeam; I Like to Do Things For You; Chinnin' and Chattin' with May.

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