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KAY KYSER and His Orchestra

KAY KYSER and His Orchestra
'Three Little Fishies'

Recordings from 1929 to 1947
Crystal Stream Audio 2021
IDCD459 Total playing time: 78.26
IDCD460 Total playing time: 78.33
Double CD
FIRST CD: Collegiate Fanny; Hark, the Sound of Tar Heel Voices; Take Your Girlie to the Movies; Isch Ka Bibble (I Should Worry); He's a Devil in His Own Home Town; I Don't Want to Get Well; You Can't Sleep Up Here; So You Left Me for the Leader of a Swing Band; Music, Maestro, Please; Hi Yo Silver; Don't Cross Your Fingers, Cross Your Heart; So Help Me (If I Don't Love You); From Alpha to Omega; For No Rhyme or Reason; When a Prince of a Fella Meets a Cinderella; Two Sleepy People; Have You Forgotten So Soon?; Please Come Out of Your Dream; Chopsticks; Cuckoo in the Clock; Are There Any More at Home Like You?; Step Up and Shake My Hand; Three Little Fishies; If I Only Had a Brain; The Merry Old Land of Oz; Happy Birthday to Love; The Answer is Love.
SECOND CD: I'm Fit to Be Tied; I Want My Mama; Romeo Smith and Juliet Jones; Who Wouldn't Love You; Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree; Me and My Melinda; There Won't Be a Shortage of Love; Sweet Eloise; I Came Here to Talk for Joe; Can't Get Out of This Mood; The Fuddy Duddy Watchmaker; Strip Polka: I'm Gonna See My Baby; Horses Don't Bet on People; Coffee Time; As Long As I Live; Possum Song (Six, Tall, Slim, Sycamore, Saplin'); Saturday Date; Worry, Worry, Worry; The First Time I Kissed You; On a Slow Boat to China; Teresa; I Go In When the Moon Comes Out; It Only Happens Once; Takin' Miss Mary to the Ball; Woody Woodpecker Song.

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