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and His Fashions-In-Music

Recordings from 1939 to 1942

© Crystal Stream Audio 2022 IDCD469
Total playing time: 79.33

Row, Row, Row; Ma! (He's Making Eyes at Me); Playmates; Last Night's Gardenias; Little Girl; You Oughta Hang Your Heart in Shame; Make Believe Island; Meet the Sun Halfway; The Pessimistic Character; Blue Lovebird; Down By the O-Hi-O; A Lazy Lack-a-Daisy Melody; Once Upon a Lovetime; Sympathy; And Tommy Goes Too; There was a Little Girl; I Just Wanna Play with You; Hello Ma! I Done It Again; Wishful Thinking; Minnie From Trinidad; Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina; Time Was; Anything; Call it Anything, It's Love; Misirlou; Don't Forget to Say "No", Baby.

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