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BERTINI and the Tower Blackpool Dance Band

BERTINI and the Tower Blackpool Dance Band
Volume Two
'Eclipse recordings from 1933 to 1935
Crystal Stream Audio 2008 IDCD166
Total playing time: 76.34
The Old Spinning Wheel; That's My Home; Waltzing in a Dream; Sweet Dreams of You; You Might Have Loved a Little More; Think of Something Else to Do; I Cover the Waterfront; Faces in the Firelight; When Old Friends are Drifting Apart; Shadow Waltz; Happy Days will Come Again; Isn't it Heavenly; Adorable; Lover's Moon; It's the Talk of the Town; My Heart Still Beats for You; You Ought to See Sally on Sunday; Wagon Wheels; Fret-Work; Home on the Range; Over on the Sunny Side; Mein Liebe Sylvia; When a Soldier's on Parade; All My Days are Happy Days Again; I'm in Love; I Believe in Miracles; Tell Me What I Want to Know.

Vocals by Cavan O'Connor, Brian Lawrance, Sam Browne, Maurice Elwin and more.
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BERTINI and the Tower Blackpool Dance Band
'Eclipse recordings from 1930 to 1934
Crystal Stream Audio 2000 IDCD48
Total playing time: 72.09
Don't Let it End This Way; Sweetheart Darlin'; Hiawatha's Lullaby; You Filled My Heart with Sunshine; Who Told You?; Drifting Down the Shalimar; There's a Cabin in the Pines; Dance Your Blues Away; Smile; Night and Day; Little White House on the Hillside; Listen to the Rhythm; Happy; The Show is Over; Dancing with You; All I Do is Dream of You; Down an Old Irish Lane; Little Valley in the Mountains; Sing Hallelujah; I'll String Along with You; Shadows on the Pavement; Lonely for You; Ole Faithful; The Curfew's Love Call; I Saw Stars; 'Cos My Baby's Named the Happy Day; Who's Been Polishing the Sun.

Vocals by Cavan O'Connor, Donald Peers, Sam Browne, Jack Knowles and more.
Note that about half the tracks on this CD are also on IDCD40 "Donald Peers and his Peers'
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