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'Music in My Heart'
48 recordings from 1930 to 1938
Crystal Stream Audio 2022
IDCD489 Total playing time: 79.23
IDCD490 Total playing time: 77.51
Double CD
FIRST CD: Ro-Ro-Rolling Along; I'm Needin' You; You For Me; Just a Little Closer; Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (For Somebody Else); Here Comes the Sun; Little White Lies; Don't Tell Her What's Happened to Me; The Penalty of Love; And Then Your Lips Met Mine; Reaching for the Moon; (When You Fall in Love) Fall in Love with Me; Lonesome Lover; *Truly, I Love You; *Where Have You Been; Hello, Beautiful!; The King's Horses; The Sleepy Town Express;*One Little Raindrop; *Got the Bench, Got the Park; *I'm the Last One Left on the Corner; Stories; Now You're in My Arms; I'm Painting Pictures.
SECOND CD: *It's the Girl; Begging for Love; Little Girl; It's the Girl; *Guilty; Sweet Summer Breeze; *You Call It Madness, But I Call it Love; My Silent Love; Tell Me Why You Smile, Mona Lisa; Hold Me; Stormy Weather; Shadow Waltz; Don't Blame Me; Dinner at Eight; Temptation; Be Still, My Heart; Music in My Heart; Ev'rything's Been Done Before; You Opened My Eyes; Give a Broken Heart a Break; Why Dream; You Couldn't Be Cuter; Beside a Moonlit Stream; So Help Me (If I Don't Love You).

With the exception of the eight tracks marked (*) all these tracks can be found on various other Crystal Stream Audio USA dance band CDs.

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