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GERALDO and His Orchestra

GERALDO and His Orchestra
'Heart and Soul'
50 recordings from 1938 and 1939
Including Al Bowlly's 29 recordings with the orchestra
Crystal Stream Audio 2023
IDCD491 Total playing time: 79.42
IDCD492 Total playing time: 78.00
Double CD
FIRST CD: My Heart is Taking Lessons; On the Sentimental Side; It's D'Lovely; In a Little Toy Sailboat; Small Fry; Never Break a Promise; When Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby; Penny Serenade; Heart and Soul; Two Sleepy People; Is That the Way to Treat a Sweetheart; Colorado Sunset; While a Cigarette was Burning; Any Broken Hearts to Mend; Summers End; My Own; You're as Pretty as a Picture; They Say; If Ever a Heart was in the Right Place; One Day When We were Young; I'm In Love with Vienna; I Have Eyes; Grandma Said; Deep in a Dream; You're a Sweet Little Headache.
SECOND CD: Park Parade; Romany; Lonely; The Lady on the Second Floor; The Same Old Story; Could Be; Between a Kiss and a Sigh; To Mother with Love; Waltz of My Heart; Thanks for Everything; I Miss You in the Morning; Small Town; I Paid for the Lie That I Told You; Begin the Beguine; Little Sir Echo; A New Moon and an Old Serenade; And the Angels Sing; If I Didn't Care; Ain't Cha Comin' Out; Don't Worry 'Bout Me; On the Outside Looking In; F.D.R. Jones; My Man; The Day We Meet Again; Serenade in Blue.

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