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The Savoy Havana band and
The Savoy Orpheans

Recordings from 1925 to 1927

© Crystal Stream Audio 2023 IDCD499
Total playing time: 77.55

Waitin' for the Moon; Naila*; I'm a Little Bit Fonder of You; Where is That Girl Who Was Stolen From Me; Hitch Up the Horses; Bah Bah Bartholomew*; The Two of Us*; Headin' for Louisville; Valencia; Masculine Women and Feminine Men*; Hang On to Me; Oh! Lady Be Good; I Certainly Could; Tamiami Trail; Dreaming of a Castle in the Air; When Do We Dance?*; Nice Baby*; Tell Me You Love Me*; Iyone My Own Iyone*; Let's All Go to Mary's House; Turkish Towel*; I Never See Maggie Alone*; The Blue Room; The Girl Friend; Once in a Blue Moon*; Where, Oh Where Do I Live?

*Savoy Havana Band (all others Savoy Orpheans)

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