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Freddy Martin and His Orchestra
Volume Five
52 recordings from 1935 to 1941
Crystal Stream Audio 2019
IDCD411 Total playing time: 78.40
IDCD412 Total playing time: 79.35
Double CD
FIRST CD: Little Picture Playhouse in My Heart; Give a Broken Heart a Break; Tell Me That You Love Me; Way Back Home; Bon Jour Mamselle; I Couldn't Believe My Eyes; Paris in the Spring; Simply Grand; Why Dream; Thunder Over Paradise; If I Should Lose You; One Night in Monte Carlo; A Little Bit Independent; You Took My Breath Away; Keep Your Fingers Crossed; It's Been So Long; Too Much Imagination; Dancing Feet; Ev'ry Time I Look at You; Goody-Goody; So This is Heaven; Melody From the Sky; You Couldn't Be Cuter; Just Let Me Look at You; Down Where the Trade Winds Blow; I See Your Face Before Me.
SECOND CD: My Day; The House on the Hill; Come Back to Sorrento; A Little Love Will Go a Long Long Way; Yes, There Ain't No Moonlight, So What; Mammy Bong; Don't Wake Up My Heart; The Same Sweet You; When Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby; Beside a Moonlit Stream; So Help Me If I Don't Love You; There's a Brand New Picture in My Picture Frame; Wolverine Blues; Milenberg Joys; Let's Disappear; Running Thru' My Mind; You're the Moment in My Life; Winter Blossoms; Mamas's Gone, Goodbye; Oh What a Lovely Dream; Tumbledown Ranch in Arizona; Only Forever; I Should Have Known You Years Ago; It's a Great Day for the Irish; You Say the Sweetest Things, Baby; Boa Noite (Goodnight).

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Freddy Martin and His Orchestra
Volume Four
Recordings from 1933 and 1934
Crystal Stream Audio 2016 IDCD335
Total playing time: 78.29
Sweetheart Darlin'; Love Songs of the Nile; Love Songs of the Nile (alternate take); When Tomorrow Comes; Dancing in the Moonlight; So Help Me; Your Love; My Old Flame; Sat it; (It was) Sweet of You; One Night of Love; Be Still My Heart; Yes to You; No Lovers Allowed; Where There's Smoke There's Fire; Did She Ask for Me?; Ting-a-Ling-a-Ling; Ev'ry Day; Sweet Music; When Love Knocks at Your Heart; Music in My Heart; Love Passes By; Love Dropped in for Tea; You Opened My Eyes; Lost My Rhythm, Lost My Music, Lost My Man; A Two Cent Stamp (Brought Me Back a Million Dollar Love); My Introduction to Love..

Featuring vocals by Elmer Feldkamp, Terry Shand, George Beuchler & Vivien Ruth.
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Freddy Martin and His Orchestra
Volume Three
Recordings from 1933 and 1934
Crystal Stream Audio 2011 IDCD211
Total playing time: 77.44
Sweetheart Darlin'; I Cover the Waterfront; Shame on You; Bless Your Heart; Roof Top Serenade; You Alone; Throw Another Log on the Fire; In the Valley of Yesterday; If I Love Again; Music Makes Me; Temptation; This Little Piggy Went to Market; Beloved; A Day without You; In Other Words, We're Through; Love Locked Out; In a Shelter from a Shower; There Goes My Heart; Over Somebody Else's Shoulder; I Ain't Lazy, I'm Just Dreaming; All I Do is Dream of You; The Beat of My Heart; Sleepy Head; Rolling in Love; Then I'll be Tired of You (two versions).

Featuring vocals by Elmer Feldkamp, Terry Shand, Russ Morgan, etc.
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Freddy Martin and His Orchestra
Volume Two
Recordings from 1932 to 1935
Crystal Stream Audio 2009 IDCD177
Total playing time: 78.36
Louisiana Hayride; A Rainy Day; Maybe I Love You Too Much; Let's Call it a Day; In the Park in Paree; Look What I've Got; Stormy Weather; I Lay Me Down to Sleep; Butterflies in the Rain; Hiawatha's Lullaby; Adorable; I've Got to Pass Your House to Get to My House; Gypsy Fiddles; My Moonlight Madonna; Sittin' on a Backyard Fence; Honeymoon Hotel; Dinner at Eight; Give Me Liberty or Give Me Love; My Dancing Lady; Everything I Have is Yours; How's Chances; Easter Parade; Born to Be Kissed; Butterfly; Why Dream; Two Together.

Featuring vocals by Elmer Feldkamp, Terry Shand and Eddie Schaff.
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Freddy Martin and His Orchestra
Rare recordings from the early 1930s
Crystal Stream Audio 2000 IDCD51
Total playing time: 72.19
Hold Me; Let's Call it a Day; Stay Out of My Dreams; Shadow Waltz; Love Songs of the Nile; Sweetheart Darlin'; Trouble in Paradise; Don't Blame Me; Carioca; Don't Say Good-night; Goin' to Heaven on a Mule; Spin a Little Web of Dreams; Try to See it My Way; I Only Have Eyes for You; I'm Hummin', I'm Whistlin', I'm Singin'; Two Cigarettes in the Dark; When the New Moon Shines; What a Difference a Day Made; Stay as Sweet as You are; Let's Give Three Cheers for Love; Throwin' Stones at the Sun; My Heart's in the Right Place; Ev'rythings Been Done Before; The Broken Record.

Featuring vocals by Elmer Feldkamp, Smith Ballew, Chick Bullock, Terry Shand and more.
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