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songs of 'lost' love from the 1920s and 1930s

© Crystal Stream Audio 2000 IDCD53
Total playing time: 73.53

I Ain't Got Nobody to Love - Margaret Young; You Flew Away From the Nest - Al Jolson; ('Cause I Feel) Low Down - Sophie Tucker; Am I Blue; Can't We be Friends - Libby Holman; Dancing with Tears in My Eyes - Johnny Marvin; Little White Lies - Annette Hanshaw; Something to Remember You By - Helen Morgan; You'll Never Know Sweetheart; If I Have to Go on Without You - Kate Smith; Love Letters in the Sand - Gene Austin; Too Late; Strangers - Mildred Bailey; All of Me - Ruth Etting; Was That the Human Thing to Do - The Pickens Sisters; I Can't Believe it's True; Having a Good Time, Wish You Were Here - Frances Langford; Say it isn't So - Morton Downey, Annette Hanshaw, 'Singin' Sam; - You've Got Me Crying Again; I Guess it Had to Be That Way - Bing Crosby; Lonely Lane - Dick Powell; The Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Gladys Moncrief; - Dinner for One, Please James - Leslie Hutchinson.

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