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AUSTRALIAN Piano Recordings

AUSTRALIAN Piano Recordings
Gil Dech, Beryl Newell, Leslie Harvey, Sefton Daly and Billy Mayerl
Recordings from 1927 to 1949

© Crystal Stream Audio IDCD62
Total playing time: 71.23

Recordings by Australian pianists and visiting pianists from overseas.
All recorded in Sydney.

GIL DECH - So Blue; The Prisoner's Bride; I Kiss Your Hand Madame; The Wedding of the Painted Doll; Black and White Rag; Birthday Serenade. BERYL NEWELL - Ten Cents a Dance; The Sweetest Story Ever Told; The Little Alabama Coon. LESLIE HARVEY - Look for the Silver Lining; Lily of Laguna; Madamoiselle from Armentiers. SEFTON DALY - Serenade to a Snake; Colour Scheme; Waltz for a Marionette; Brief Candles; Sad Tango; (A) Brown Study, (B) Story by a Stream;. BILLY MAYERL - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes; Ace of Spades; Star Dust; Song of the Fir Tree; Body and Soul; Love in Bloom; Ace of Hearts; Harp in the Wind.

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