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JACK ALBIN'S Hotel Pennsylvania Music

JACK ALBIN'S Hotel Pennsylvania Music
(and The Clevelanders)

recordings from 1929 to 1931

© Crystal Stream Audio IDCD65
Total playing time: 71.05

Should I?; Singin' in the Bathtub; The Woman in the Shoe; Lucky Me - Lovable You; Song of the Dawn; It Happened in Monterey; Let Me Sing and I'm Happy; You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me; Singing a Song to the Stars; He's My Kind of Man; I'm Needin' You; My Future Just Passed; Little White Lies; Confessin' (That I Love You); I Don't Mind Walkin' in the Rain; I Still Get a Thrill (Thinking of You); To-morrow is Another Day; Go Home and Tell Your Mother; Always in All Ways; My Baby Just Cares for Me; Beyond the Blue Horizon; I Miss a Little Miss (Who Misses Me in Sunny Tennessee); When I Take My Sugar to Tea.

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