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JACK HYLTON and His Orchestra

Jack Hylton & His Orchestra

Recordings from 1928 to 1932

© Crystal Stream Audio 2017 IDCD357
Total playing time: 79.04

Good Old Songs, Parts One & Two; When the Elder Tree Blooms Again; All By Yourself in the Moonlight; You Made Me Love You; Ain't Misbehavin'; Excuse Me Lady; Body and Soul; With a Song in My Heart; Shamrock Land, Parts One & Two; Goodnight Sweetheart (HMV); My Sunshine is You; Time Alone Will Tell; Just One More Chance; Goodnight Sweetheart (Decca); You; Paradise; Lawd, You Made the Night Too Long.

With vocals by Sam Browne; Pat O'Malley; Jack Plant; Stuart Robertson & Jack Hylton.

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Jack Hylton and His Orchestra
'The Music Goes 'Round and Around'
49 HMV recordings from 1935 and 1936

Vocals by Pat O'Malley, Sam Browne, Sam Costa, Brian Lawrance and more.
Crystal Stream Audio 2016
IDCD349 Total playing time: 77.14
IDCD350 Total playing time: 78.17
Double CD
FIRST CD: Life Begins at Oxford Circus; Pur on an Old Pair of Shoes; I Believe in Miracles; She Wore a Little Jacket of Blue; My Dance; So Red the Rose; If the Moon Turns Green; Life Begins Again; Gentlemen! The King; Solitude; Anything Goes - Selection, Parts One & Two; The Girl with the Dreamy Eyes; Orchids to My Lady; Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart; Olga Pulloffski, the Beautiful Spy; I Won't Dance; Lovely to Look At; Chasing Shadows; Love Me Forever; Footloose and Fancy Free; I'll Never Say "Never Again" Again; She's a Latin From Manhattan; About a Quarter to Nine.
SECOND CD: In the Middle of a Kiss; Lovely Liza Lee; Nothing Lives Longer Than Love; Lonely Villa; Where the Arches Used to Be; You Give Me Ideas; When the Rain Comes Rolling Down; Everything Stops for Tea; Lights Out; The Music Goes 'Round and Around; Do the Runaround; My First Thrill; May All Your Troubles be Little Ones; (Why Did She Fall for) The Leader of the Band; The Darling of the Guards; Hypnotised; There Isn't Any Limit to My Love; Yours Truly is Truly Yours; Rose Room; Does Your Heart Beat for Me?; Drop in Next Time You're Passing; Unbelievable; Midnight Blue; Bolero; Vienna, City of My Dreams.

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Jack Hylton & His Orchestra

HMV recordings from 1928 and 1929
Featuring vocals by Sam Browne

© Crystal Stream Audio 2016 IDCD336
Total playing time: 78.17

Mississippi Melody; That's My Weakness Now; Beautiful; Sweet Ukulele Maid; My Inspiration is You; I Think of What You Used to Think of Me; The Magic Violin; A Room with a View; My Inspiration is You; Roll Away Clouds; Dreams of Yesterday; For Old Times' Sake; Paradise Square; The Song I Love; If You Want the Rainbow; A Hundred Years From Now; Laughing Marionette; High Up on a Hill Top; Considerin'; Thinking of You; Sarita; Looking at You; Sweetheart of All My Dreams; Glad Rag Doll.

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Jack Hylton & His Orchestra

Decca recordings from 1931 to 1933

© Crystal Stream Audio 2008 IDCD173
Total playing time: 77.15

Nevertheless (I'm in Love with You); You're My Decline and Fall; Tom Thumb's Drum; Live, Laugh and Love; Today I Feel So Happy; One More Kiss, then "Goodnight"; Just Friends; By the Sycamore Tree; When the Rest of the Crowd Goes Home; Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear; With All My Love and Kisses; Snuggled on Your Shoulder; Just Humming Along; The Flies Crawled Up the Window; I Want to Cling to Ivy; Underneath the Arches; The Clouds Will Soon Roll By; Mad About the Boy; The Younger Generation; Fit as a Fiddle; I'm Sure of Everything but You; The Gold Diggers' Song; Don't Blame Me; Night and Day; It's the Talk of the Town.

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Jack Hylton & His Orchestra

recordings from 1928 to 1936

© Crystal Stream Audio 2003 IDCD97
Total playing time: 79.22

Melodious Memories; Bitter Sweet - Selection; Good Old Dances; More Old Songs; Prelude in G Minor, Op.23, No.6; Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Op.3, No.2; Tommies War Time Memories; Songs of the Officers' Mess; Just a Gigolo; Yours is My Heart Alone; By the Fireside; Jack Hylton's Jubilee Cavalcade; Sweet Sue; Grinzing.

With vocals by Sam Browne; Pat O'Malley; Marcel Wittrisch; Flanagan and Allen; Jack Hylton; Stanley Holloway, etc.

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Jack Hylton & His Orchestra

recordings from 1926 to 1939

© Crystal Stream Audio 2001 IDCD67
Total playing time: 78.51

Down Paradise Way; Cuddle Up; Barbara; Choo Choo; The Match Parade; Jolly Good Company; When the Circus Comes to Town; Mona Lisa; Anything Goes; You're the Top; South American Joe; She Shall Have Music; Swing; This'll Make You Whistle; Free; The Fleet's in Port Again; Knock, Knock, Who's There?; Did I Remember?; Just Say "Aloha"; On Your Toes; Gangway; Moon or No Moon; All Ashore; Love Makes the World Go Round; Nice People; Boomps-A-Daisy.

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