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IRVING AARONSON and His Commanders
Recordings from 1926 TO 1934

© Crystal Stream Audio 2003 IDCD98
Total playing time: 76.21

Wimmin Aaah!; Poor Papa (He's Got Nothin' at All); Ya Gotta Know How to Love; What Good is "Good Morning"?; The Pump Song; Hi - Ho the Merrio; I'm Just Wild About Animal Crackers; Waffles; What! No Spinach?; Hard - to - Get Gertie; Give Me a Ukulele and a Ukulele Baby and Leave the Rest to Me; Ev'rything's Peaches (for Peaches and Me); I Never See Maggie Alone; Crazy Words - Crazy Tune; Let's Misbehave; An' Furthermore; The Land of Going to Be; My Scandinavian Girl; All By Yourself in the Moonlight; If I Had You; Outside. Bing Crosby and Irving Aaronson & His Commanders: I'm Hummin' - I'm Whistlin' - I'm Singin'; Love in Bloom; Straight from the Shoulder (Right from the Heart); Give Me a Heart to Sing To.

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