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- Revisited

British Dance Band recordings (and a few others) from 1928 to 1938

Featuring 28 newly remastered original recordings used in the 1978 television programme and 22 'alternate' recordings.

©Crystal Stream Audio 2017
IDCD362 Total playing time: 79.13
IDCD363 Total playing time: 76.46
Double CD
FIRST CD: Ray Starita & His Ambassadors' Band: Fancy Our Meeting; Jack Buchanan: Sweet So and So; Jack Hylton & His Orchestra: Painting the Clouds with Sunshine; The Clouds Will Soon Roll By; Ambrose & His Orchestra: Whistling in the Dark; Yes, Yes, My Baby Said Yes; You Rascal, You; New Mayfair Dance Orchestra: Down Sunnyside Lane; Ray Noble & His New Mayfair Orchestra: The Echo of a Song; Nasty Man; Dreaming a Dream; Debroy Somers' Band: Love is the Sweetest Thing; Lew Stone & the Monseigneur Band: My Woman; Isn't it Heavenly; Lew Stone Favourites, Parts 1 & 2; I Love You Truly; Riptide; Easy Come, Easy Go; George Scott Wood & His Orchestra: You've Got Me Crying Again; I Only Have Eyes for You; Roy Fox & His Band: Without That Certain Thing; Billy Merrin & His Commanders: We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines; Carroll Gibbons & the Savoy Hotel Orpheans: Better Think Twice; Jack Payne & His Orchestra: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.
SECOND CD: Ray Noble & His Orchestra (USA): Blue Moon; Roll Along Prairie Moon; Henry Hall & the BBC Dance Orchestra: Pop Goes Your Heart; How's Chances; Jay Wilbur & His Band: Okay, Toots; Debroy Somers' Band: You and the Night and the Music; Jack Hylton & His Orchestra: Life Begins at Oxford Circus; Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart; Anything Goes; In the Middle of a Kiss; Teddy Joyce & His Orchestra: March Winds and April Showers; Roy Fox & His Band: On the Other Side of the Hill; Indian Love Call; Casani Club Orchestra (Kunz): Roll Along Prairie Moon; Les Allen & His Bachelors: In the Middle of a Kiss; Ambrose & His Orchestra: Cheek to Cheek; Serenade in the Night; Says My Heart; Lew Stone & His Band: Pick Yourself Up; You Couldn't Be Cuter; Just Let Me Look at You; Louis Levy & His Gaumont-British Symphony: Pennies From Heaven, Parts 1 & 2; Harry Richman with Carroll Gibbons & His Orchestra: Pennies From Heaven; Eddie Carroll & The Casani Club Orchestra: Love is Good for Anything That Ails You.

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Volume Six

Recordings from 1927 to 1935

© Crystal Stream Audio 2015 IDCD313
Total playing time: 77.06

Geoffrey Gelder and His Kettner's Five: The Little White House; A Lane in Spain. Stan Greening's Orchestra: Me and Jane in a 'Plane. The Rhythm Band (George Fisher): Calling Me Home; Why Should I Feel Lonely?; A Room with a View; We Won't be Home Till Morning; Teach Me to Dance Like Grandma; Half-A-Kiss; Sweet So-and-So; Fancy Our Meeting. Fred Elizalde and His Orchestra: If I Had You. George Fisher and His Kit Kat Band: Sonny Boy. The Rhythmic Troubadours (Stan Greening): My Fate is in Your Hands; How am I to Know? Herman Darewski and His Famous Melody Band: Blackpool Favourites; Holidayland Medley. Henry Hall and His Gleneagles Hotel Orchestra: I Lost My Girl From Memphis; Goodnight, Sweetheart; I Was True; Twentieth Century Blues. Philip Brown's Grosvenor Band: Crazy People; Love in Lilac Time. Larry Brennan and the Winter Gardens Dance Band; My Lucky Day. Eddie Carroll and His Music: Marie Louise; There Won't Be Any Spring.

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Volume Five

Recordings from 1928 to 1934

© Crystal Stream Audio 2013 IDCD251
Total playing time: 79.38

The Rhythm Band - The Man I Love; Love Lies; Someone; Song of the Sea; There are Eyes; Minnetonka. Alfredo and His Band - Thinking of You; Up in the Clouds; Great Day; Without a Song; Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight; You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me. Howard Godfrey and His Waldorfians - My Canary has Circles Under His Eyes; Miss Elizabeth Brown; Got a Date with an Angel; Who Do You Love? Maurice Winnick and His Band - Just a Dancing Sweetheart. Philip Brown's Grosvenor Band - Troubles are Like Bubbles; Mean Music. The Blue Mountaineers - Love, You Funny Thing; I Got Rhythm; Is I in Love? I Is; Moonlight, the Danube and You; You're My Everything. Larry Brennan and the Wintergardens Dance Band - Happy Ending. Howard Baker and His Band - Broken Hearted Melody.

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Volume Four

Recordings from 1927 to 1945
(and one from 1912)

© Crystal Stream Audio 2006 IDCD143
Total playing time: 77.53

Gottleib's Orch. - Alexander's Ragtime Band; Debroy Somers - Middleton's Down South; Love is the Sweetest Thing; Syd Roy - She Don't Wanna; Souvenirs; Harry Hudson - Miss Annabelle Lee; Harry Bidgood - Our Bungalow of Dreams; One More Night; Bert Firman - Little Mother; All By Yourself in the Moonlight; Arthur Roseberry - Do Something; Jack Payne - On Top of the World Alone; Bubbling Over with Love; Alfredo - If I Had a Talking Picture of You; Jay Wilbur - Good Friends; Goodbye Sally; Lew Stone - All of Me; Save the Last Dance for Me; That Old Feeling; George Scott Wood - Drifting Down the Shalimar; Hiawatha's Lullaby; I've Got a Note; Billy Cotton - It's the Talk of the Town; Harry Roy - The Spring Don't Mean a Thing; Teddy Joyce - What are You Doing Out in the Rain; Here Comes That Rainbow; Teddy Foster - The Wedding Waltz.

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1928 - 1945

© Crystal Stream Audio 1997 IDCD02
Total playing time: 72.30

Debroy Somers - All by Yourself in the Moonlight; Happy Days and Lonely Nights; New Mayfair Dance Orch - I'll be Getting Along; See Me Dance the Polka; Billy Cotton - Nobody's Sweetheart; Savoy Hotel Orpheans - Snuggled on Your Shoulder; Jack Payne - I'll Do My Best to Make You Happy; Smoke Gets in Your Eyes; Harry Roy - Bugle Call Rag; Chinatown, My Chinatown/Limehouse Blues; Somebody Stole My Gal; Ray Noble - Tiger Rag; It's Time to Say Goodnight; Billy Cotton - I'm on a See-Saw; Bye Bye Blues; Henry Hall - Pop! Goes Your Heart; Blue Moon; Jack Hylton - Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart; Ya Got Something There; Louis Levy - You're Sweeter Than I Thought You Were; Roy Fox - I Heard a Song in a Taxi; Joe Loss - When the Poppies Bloom Again; Ambrose - Nursie, Nursie; Geraldo - I'm Confessin'

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Volume Two

various recordings from 1928 to 1935

© Crystal Stream Audio IDCD28
Total playing time: 74.03

Al Starita & His Piccadilly Band - A Room with a View; Ray Starita & His Ambassadors - He's So Unusual; New Mayfair Dance Orch. - There's Room in My Heart; Jack Payne & His BBC Dance Orch. - An Old Italian Love Song; Arcadians Dance Orch. - 'Leven Thirty Saturday Night; Bidgood's Broadcasters - I Bring a Love Song; Billy Cotton & His Band - Hello Beautiful; Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing; Somebody Stole My Gal; Jack Leon's Band - Come and Have a Cuddle on the Common; Debroy Somers Band - Just a Blue-Eyed Blonde; Got a Date with an Angel; Sydney Kyte & His Piccadilly Hotel Band - Just Once for All Time; Jack Hylton & His Orch. - Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear; Van Phillips & His Band - The Dance of the Cuckoos; The BBC Dance Orch (Henry Hall) - Gold Diggers of 1933 - Selection; Jay Wilbur & His Band - It's the Talk of the Town; Harry Roy & His Orch. - Better Think Twice; J.Predergast & The Rialtonians - Riding in the Rain; Ray Noble & His Orch. - Freckle Face, You're Beautiful; Jack Payne & His Band - Shadows on the Pavement; Heat Wave; Ambrose & His Orch. - Top Hat, White Tie and Tails.

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Volume Three

various recordings from 1926 to 1934

© Crystal Stream Audio IDCD49
Total playing time: 73.50

Jack Hylton & His Orch. - Cutie; With All My Love and Kisses; Billy Cottonís London Savannah Band - Sunny Skies; Jack Payne & His BBC Dance Orch. - Sweet Sue; Overnight; Youíll Be Mine in Apple Blossom Time; Harry Bidgood & His Broadcasters - Sonny Boy; Alfredo & His Band - Turn On the Heat; Let Me Have My Dreams; Am I Blue; Harry Hudsonís Melody Men - The Kingís Horses; The Chum Song; Ambrose & His Orch. - Stardust; Percival Mackayís Band - I Lost My Gal Again; Debroy Somerís Band - Darling, Iím Longing to Greet You; Who Do You Love; Look What Youíve Done; The Rhythmic Troubadours - Whistling in the Dark; Ray Noble & His New Mayfair Orch. - Bedtime Story; Harry Roy & His Mayfair Hotel Orch. - Happy as the Day is Long; Billy Cotton & His Band - Margie; J. Predergast & The Rialtonians - I Canít Give You Anything But Love; Jack Payne & His Band - Isle of Capri; Jack Jackson & His Orch. - What a Little Moonlight Can Do; Jay Wilbur & His Band - Love Finds a Way.

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