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and His Orchestra - Volume Four
Still more "Olde Tyme Dancing"
Recordings from 1944 to 1949

© Crystal Stream Audio 2013 IDCD266
Total playing time: 79.46

Waltz - The Druids Prayer; The Veleta; Barn Dance - Down South; Valse Cotillon - Part One - Fairy Dream, Part Two - The Costume Ball; Jollity Barn Dance - Cockney Capers; Dinky One Step - Gaily Through the Woods; On Leave Fox Trot - Poor John; The Jazz Twinkle; Tango Fascination - Tell Me I'm Forgiven; Royal Two Step - Fall in and Follow Me Medley; Dashing White Sergeant; Progressive Barn Dance - All Change; Carnival Square Dance; Tango - Lola; The Missouri Waltz; "Paul Jones" - Sing and Dance Together.

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and His Orchestra - Volume Three
"More "Olde Tyme Dancing"
Recordings from 1946 to 1950

© Crystal Stream Audio 2003 IDCD108
Total playing time: 77.18

Hurndilla; Ideal Schottische; London Tango; Canadian Barn Dance; Evergreen Quadrilles; The Chrysanthemum Waltz; Mississippi Dip; Moonlight Saunter; Savoy Tango; La Mascote; Eugene Tango; Society Foxtrot; Valse Superbe; Gay Gordons; Harry Davidson's Selection of Waltzes; Dinkie One Step No.2; Truro Gavotte.

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and His Orchestra - Volume Two
"Take Your Partners Again..."
Recordings from 1945 and 1946

© Crystal Stream Audio 2003 IDCD99
Total playing time: 79.24

Progress Barn Dance; Slow Waltz; Excuse Me Waltz; The Boston Two Step; Royal Empress Tango; The Tango Waltz; Esperano; The Saunter; Valse Bleue; The Denman Quadrilles; Destiny Waltz; "The Arcadians" Lancers; Barn Dance; Stephanie Gavotte; Old Time Excuse Me Dances.

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and His Orchestra
"Take Your Partners..."
Recordings from 1944 TO 1949

© Crystal Stream Audio 2002 IDCD79
Total playing time: 79.41

Schottische; Polka; Waltz Hesitation; Military Two Step; The Last Waltz; Naval Three Step; The Pride of Erin - Waltz; The Eva Three Step; Doris Waltz; The Highland Schottische; One Step; Polka Mazurka; Marine Four Step; The Imperial Waltz; The Glen Mona Waltz; The Honeymoon Parade; Tangino; The Rosetta Two Step; Gay Nineties - Veletta.

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