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Volume Five

© Crystal Stream Audio 2009 IDCD189
Total playing time: 78.08

Bert Lown & His Hotel Biltmore Orch: Through; Hello Baby; Bye Bye Blues; Vincent Lopez & His Orch: Little White Lies; Here Comes the Sun; Cheerful Little Earful; Lonesome Lover; Hit-of-the-Week Orch: I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You; My Blue Bird was Caught in the Rain; If I Could be with You One Hour Tonight; Sweetheart of My Student Days; Tears; Dick Robertson & His Collegians: Moonlight on the Colorado; Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble: Three Little Words; Maybe It's Love; Something to Remember You By; Hello Beautiful; I Surrender Dear; Benrus Radio Orch: I'm Yours; Harry Reser's Radio Band: Sweet Jennie Lee; When I Take My Sugar to Tea; Dick Robertson's Orch: By the River Sainte Marie; The New York Twelve: Let's Get Friendly; Don Voorhees Orch: I'm Thru with Love; I Found a Million Dollars Baby; Sam Lanin's Orch: Pardon Me, Pretty Baby.

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Volume Four

© Crystal Stream Audio 2006 IDCD142
Total playing time: 78.24

Carl Fenton - Lady Be Good; Fascinating Rhythm; Ben Selvin - Poor Little Rich Girl; A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich and You; In a Little Spanish Town; Trail of Dreams; Dream Lover; Harry Reser - Tie Me to Your Apron Strings Again; Ben Bernie - Reaching for the Moon; Cherie, I Love You; Phil Ohman & Victor Arden - The Girl Friend; Nat Shilkret - When Day is Done; The More We are Together; Diane; Frank Black - The Best Things in Life are Free; Guy Lombardo - Where the Shy Little Violets Grow; Ted Wallace - I'll Get By (as Long as I Have You); Frankie Trumbauer - Wait 'till You See Ma Cherie; Ray Nichols - Louise; Charles Dornberger - Campus Capers; Sam Lanin - I Remember You from Somewhere; Smith Ballew - Drifting with the Crowd; Ozzie Nelson - Mary (I'm in Love with You); Freddy Martin - Shadow Waltz; Be Still My Heart; Glen Gray - Jungle Fever.

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Volume Three

© Crystal Stream Audio 2002 IDCD91
Total playing time: 78.43

Ben Selvin - Tonight's My Night with Baby; All Through the Night; Irving Aaronson - Waffles; Cole McElroy - Whose Arms are You in Tonight?; B.F.Goodrich - Silver Song Bird; Irwin Abrams - Me and My Shadow; I'm Walkin' on Air; Jan Garber - What Do I Care What Somebody Said; Nat Shilkret - Just a Night for Meditation; Waring's Pennsylvanians - Paradise; Sam Lanin - Sweetheart's on Parade; Willie Creager - Broadway Melody; Carl Fenton - Without You Emaline; Lou Gold - Hooray for Baby and Me; Rudy Vallee - You're Driving Me Crazy; Ben Bernie - Smile, Darn Ya Smile; George Olsen - Please; Isham Jones - Why Can't This Night Go on Forever; Joe Green - When the Sun Bids the Moon Goodnight; Victor Young - I've Got to Sing a Torch Song; What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander; Gene Kardos - The Gold-Diggers Song; Freddy Martin - Shadow Waltz; Bernie Cummins - I Guess it Had to Be That Way; Paul Whiteman - I Get a Kick Out of You.

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© Crystal Stream Audio 1997 IDCD12
Total playing time: 72.57

Isham Jones - Who's Sorry Now; Carl Fenton - Last Night on the Back Porch; The Columbians - Honey, I'm in Love with You; Ted Lewis - Drifting and Dreaming; Mary Ann; Harry Archer. - Who?; Paul Specht - Show That Fellow the Door; Leo Reisman - Bye-Bye, Blackbird; Howard Lanin - Black Bottom; Vincent Lopez - I'm on My Way Home; The Knickerbockers (Selvin) - The Kinkajou; Cass Hagan - Hallelujah!; Harry Reser - Shaking the Blues Away; Don Voorhees - Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man; Paul Whiteman - Ol' Man River; Nat Shilkret - That's My Weakness Now; Ipana Troubadours - A Precious Little Thing Called Love; Earl Burnett - The Wedding of the Painted Doll; Jean Goldkette - Tip-Toe Thru' the Tulips; Wayne King - Song of the Islands; Hotel Pennsylvania Orch. - The Woman in the Shoe; Hal Kemp - I Found a Million Dollar Baby; Ed Lloyd - Two Little, Blue Little Eyes; Ben Selvin - You're Getting to be a Habit with Me.

Featuring vocals by Bing Crosby, Billy Jones & Ernest Hare, Johnny Marvin, Franklyn Baur, Frank Munn and others.

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Volume Two

© Crystal Stream Audio 1998 IDCD24
Total playing time: 74.06

Paul Whiteman - Just Like a Doll; Bennie Krueger - Wonder If She's Lonely Too; The Radiolites - Hello Aloha! (How are You?), Nevertheless I'm in Love with You; Cass Hagan - Sometimes I'm Happy; Abe Lyman - Just Another Day Wasted Away; Harry Reser - Ooh! Maybe it's You; Edwin J. McEnelly - What are We Waiting for?; Nat Shilkret - You're Wonderful; Ted Lewis - She's Funny That Way; Jean Goldkette - Painting the Clouds with Sunshine; Ipana Troubadours - My Sweeter Than Sweet, Many Happy Returns of the Day; Hotel Pennsylvania Music - Should I?, Confessin' (That I Love You), My Baby Just Cares for Me; The High Hatters - Ten Cents a Dance; Victor Arden & Phil Ohman - What a Fool I've Been; Fred Rich - Pardon Me Pretty Baby; Wayne King - I Don't Know Why (I Just Do); Leo Reisman - Stormy Weather; Isham Jones - Blue Prelude; Don Bestor - Moonstruck; Eddy Duchin - Dames.

featuring vocals by Irving Kaufman, Smith Ballew, Lewis James, Franklyn Baur, Frank Munn, Harold Arlen and others.

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Electrical Recordings
1927 to 1929

© Crystal Stream Audio 1999 IDCD26
Total playing time:73.36

Joe Green & His Novelty Orchestra - Did You Mean it?; So Tired; Ernie Golden & His Hotel McAlpin Orch. - An Old Guitar and an Old Refrain; (Hooray, Hooray) It's Ray Ray Raining; Jack Kaufman & the 7 Blue Babies - There Ought to be a Law Against That; Since She Learned to Ride a Horse; Mama's Grown Young Papa's Grown Old; Piccadilly Players - Old Man Sunshine; If You Don't Love Me; Lady of the Morning; Oreste & His Queensland Orch. - Ten Little Miles from Town; Anything You Say; B.A. Rolfe & His Palias D'Or Orch. - Roses of Yesterday; It Must be Love; Jack Dalton & The 7 Blue Babies - Heaven Help a Sailor on a Night Like This; Outside; Arthur Fields & His Assassinators - I Faw Down an' Go Boom; Golden Gate Orch. - The One That I Love Loves Me; B.A. Rolfe & His Lucky Strike Orch. - Hello Sweetie; Dance of the Paper Dolls; The Edisonians - When Day is Done.

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