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Volume Five
Smith Ballew and His Orchestra
52 recordings from 1930 to 1935

Crystal Stream Audio 2021
IDCD461 Total playing time: 78.10
IDCD462 Total playing time: 78.41
Double CD
FIRST CD: I'll Always Remember You; Confessin' (That I Love You); Drifting with the Crowd; Here Comes the Sun; You're the One I Care For; The Same as We Used to Do; Tell Tales; Starlight; Kiss By Kiss; The Wooden Soldier and the China Doll; (I'm Still Without a Sweetheart) With Summer Coming On; Why Can't This Go On Forever; If You Were Only Mine; Sleep, Come On and Take Me; Let's Try Again; Moonlight on the River; Living in Dreams; I'm Forgetting Myself For You; I'm Throwing My Love Away; Little Did I Dream; The Champagne Waltz; Play to Me, Gypsy; The Beat of My Heart; Mademoiselle; I'm Dancing with the Girl of My Dreams; I've Got You on the Top of My List.
SECOND CD: Forbidden Lips; Foolin' with the Other Woman's Man; The Merry Widow Waltz; Vilia; Tia Juana; Isle of Capri; The Night is Young; When I Grow Too Old to Dream; This is My Year; Be Careful, Young Lady; A Little White Gardenia; I Won't Dance; Lovely to Look At; Tina; Seein' is Believin'; A Blues Serenade; Moonlight on the Ganges; Take the Ache From My Heart; Footloose and Fancy Free; You're All I Need; Ev'ry Single Little Tingle of My Heart; What a Little Moonlight Can Do; Roll Along Prairie Moon; Tender is the Night; The Simple Things in Life.

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Volume Five
Vocal Recordings with Dance Bands
Recordings from 1928 to 1930

Crystal Stream Audio 2020
IDCD431 Total playing time: 78.24
IDCD432 Total playing time: 76.44
Double CD
FIRST CD: Two Lips; Out of the Dawn; Happy Days and Lonely Nights; When Summer is Gone; I'll Get By (as Long as I Have You); Jo-Anne; Anything You Say; She's Funny That Way; Deep Night; Louise; Wait 'til You See "Ma Cherie"; Mean to Me; Button Up Your Overcoat; The One That I Love Loves Me; The Toymaker's Dream; Louise; Wait 'til You See "Ma Cherie"; No One Can Take Your Place; Jericho; To Be in Love (Espesh'lly with You); Now I'm in Love; When My Dreams Come True; This is Heaven; Nobody But You; Got a Feelin' for You.
SECOND CD: Reaching for Someone (and Not Finding Anyone There); Singin' in the Rain; Just a Glimpse of Paradise; Do What You Do; Liza; How am I to Know; You've Made Me Happy Today; From Now On; I'm in Love with You; Turn On the Heat; Sunny-Side Up; My Sweeter Than Sweet; What Wouldn't I Do for That Man?; Dream Lover; You're Always in My Arms (But Only in My Dreams); I'm Following You; Sunny-Side Up; I'll See You Again; Doughboys Lullaby; Romance; My Hawaiian Isles; My Love Parade; Through; Hello Baby.

Featuring the bands of Fred Rich, the Dorsey Brothers, Meyer Davis, Ben Pollack, Sam Lanin, Frankie Trumbauer, Adrian Schubert, Harry Reser, Phil Spitalny, Ben Selvin, Wallace Theodore 'Ed' Kirkeby (California Ramblers) & Bert Lown.

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Wallace Theodore 'Ed' KIRKEBY
'When You're Smiling'
Recordings from 1927 to 1931

Crystal Stream Audio 2016
IDCD342 Total playing time: 77.14
IDCD343 Total playing time: 79.26
Double CD
FIRST CD: My Regular Gal; Mary, What are You Waiting For?; For My Baby; My Window of Dreams; Mean to Me; The One That I Love Loves Me; My Kinda Love; Sweet Seventeen (That's What I Call My Baby); To Be in Love (Espesh'lly with You); Campus Capers; College Days; Painting the Clouds with Sunshine; The Moonlight March; Sweetness; Sweethearts' Holiday; Huggable, Kissable You; Lovable and Sweet; Waiting at the End of the Road; Bottoms Up; Lonely Troubadour; I May Be Wrong, But I Think You're Wonderful; I Love You, Believe Me I Love You; You Came, I Saw, You Conquered Me; Wrapped in a Red, Red Rose; Put a Little Salt on the Bluebird's Tail.
SECOND CD: When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles with You); What Do I Care; Get Happy; Sweetheart Trail; Stein Song; Telling it to the Daisies; Stein Song; Ro-Ro-Rolling Along; I'm Needin' You; Just a Little Closer; I've Got My Eye on You; Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder; Here Comes the Sun; Hittin' the Bottle; Little White Lies; Tomorrow is Another Day; Don't Tell Her What's Happened to Me; Don't Tell Her What's Happened to Me; My Baby Just Cares for Me; I'll Still Belong to You; Reaching for the Moon; )When You Fall in Love) Fall in Love with Me; Hello! Beautiful.

Featuring vocals by Smith Ballew (26 tracks), Elmer Feldkamp(15 tracks) and others

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FRED RICH and His Orchestra
Volume Two
'I Got Rhythm'
Recordings from 1930 and 1931

© Crystal Stream Audio 2011 IDCD265
Total playing time: 79.38

I'm Yours; Embraceable You; I Got Rhythm; I Got Rhythm; My Love for You; I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You; Someone Sang a Sweeter Song to Mary; The Little Things in Life; Cheerful Little Earful; I'm Tickled Pink with a Blue-Eyed Baby; Baby's Birthday Party; The Wedding of the Birds; When You Were the Blossom of Buttercup Lane; Tie a Little String Around Your Finger; Everything That's Nice Belongs to You; In the Merry Month of Maybe; Pardon Me Pretty Baby; Little Girl; It's the Girl; If I Didn't Have You; As Time Goes By; I'm Just a Dancing Sweetheart; You Call it Madness.

Featuring vocals by Smith Ballew (15 tracks), Paul Small, Harold 'Scrappy' Lambert, Elmer Feldkamp and Helen Rowland.

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BEN SELVIN and His Orchestra
with vocals by
Recordings from 1929 & 1930

© Crystal Stream Audio 2011 IDCD224
Total playing time: 78.16

Miss You; Junior; Am I Blue?; My Song of the Nile; Song of Siberia; Song of the Blues; I'm in Love with You; Sunny Side Up; Love (Your Spell is Everywhere); I Came to You; Dance Away the Night; My Love Parade; Dream Lover; Don't Ever Leave Me; The Shepherd's Serenade; Why Do You Suppose?; Dough-Boy's Lullaby; Romance; Sweepin' the Clouds Away; Looking at You; Let Me Sing and I'm Happy; With My Guitar and You; Just a Little While; Yours and Mine; On a Little Balcony in Spain.

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VICTOR YOUNG and His Orchestra
Featuring Smith Ballew

Recordings from 1931 to 1935

© Crystal Stream Audio IDCD133
Total playing time: 77.07

After the Dance (the Bells Ding Dong); Rock Me in a Cradle of Kalua; Pagan Moon; I Wonder Who's Under the Moon Tonight; You Try Somebody Else; My Mom; One Hour with You; What Would You Do?; There I Go Dreaming Again; You Can Make My Life a Bed of Roses; Goodnight My Love; Paradise; Waltzing in a Dream; Arm in Arm; Dream Sweetheart; O.K. America; While We Danced at the Mardi Gras; It was So Beautiful; Where Have We Met Before?; You're an Old Smoothie; Down Carolina Lane; Anything Goes - You're the Top.

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Volume Four
Vocal recordings 1928 to 1931

© Crystal Stream Audio IDCD71
Total playing time: 73.47

How About Me?; That's How I Feel About You; I'll Get By (as Long as I Have You); Carolina Moon; If I Had You; My Sin; Honey; I'm Just a Vagabond Lover; I'll Always be in Love with You; How am I to Know?; Marianne; My Fate is in Your Hands; I'll Close My Eyes to the Rest of the World (and Dream Sweet Dreams of You); Into My Heart; I Love You So Much; You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me; I'll be Blue (Just Thinking of You); I'll be Blue Just Thinking of You (second version); My Baby Just Cares for Me; Just a Gigolo; Yours and Mine; I Surrender Dear; Wabash Moon.

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Volume Three
Okeh recordings 1929 & 1930

© Crystal Stream Audio IDCD64
Total playing time: 77.52

(You Can't Take Away) The Things That were Made for Love; I Kiss Your Hand Madame; Lady Divine; Blue Hawaii; S'Posin'; Hittin' the Ceiling; Sing a Little Love Song; Just You, Just Me; Blondy; Miss You; Painting the Clouds with Sunshine; Tip-Toe Through the Tulips with Me; Can't We be Friends; Dream Lover; Lady Luck; My Love Parade; The Shepherd's Serenade; Charming; The Language of Love; Funny Dear, What Love can Do; Sing You Sinners; We'll Build a Little World of Our Own; Alone with My Dreams; Where the Golden Daffodils Grow.

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Volume Two
Crown recordings 1931 to 1932

© Crystal Stream Audio IDCD60
Total playing time: 77.50

Little White Lies; Here Comes the Sun; Tears; You're the One I Care for; Blue Again; (you're Always Sure of) My Love for You; Running Between Raindrops; Tie a Little String Around Your Finger; By Special Permission of the Copyright Owners; The Same as We Used to Do; Say a Little Prayer for Me; Whistling in the Dark; (There Ought to be a) Moonlight Saving Time; Can't You Read Between the Lines?; Nevertheless; I Found a Million Dollar Baby; On the Beach with You; You Call it Madness (But I Call it Love); You Try Somebody Else; When I Wore My Daddy's Brown Derby; I'm for You a Hundred Percent; Cuban Love Song; Somebody Loves You; Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee; Soft Lights and Sweet Music.

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The Columbia Sessions 1930 - 1931

© Crystal Stream Audio IDCD54
Total playing time: 71.41

(You were Only) Passing Time with Me; You're Simply Delish; There's Something Missing in Your Eyes; (Five-Six-Seven-Eight) Nine Little Miles from Ten-Ten-Tennessee; Overnight; To Whom it May Concern; We Can Live on Love; I Hate Myself (for Falling in Love with You); Say a Little Prayer for Me; Out of Nowhere; Ev'rything That's Nice Belongs to You; Dream a Little Dream of Me; When I Take My Sugar to Tea; Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone; Makin' Faces at the Man in the Moon; Under Your Window Tonight; I Love Louisa; What is it?; Time on My Hands (You in My Arms); You Call it Madness (but I Call it Love); I'm with You; Goodnight Sweetheart.

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