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with Elsie Randolph
Recordings from his films and stage shows 1928 to 1934

© Crystal Stream Audio 2002 IDCD92
Total playing time: 77.08

Sweet So and So; Chirp, Chirp (Elsie Randolph); Stand Up and Sing; Night Time; You Forgot Your Gloves; Alone with My Dreams; Living in Clover; Goodnight Vienna; Yes, Mr. Brown; Leave a Little For Me; Now That I've Found You (with Elsie Randolph); Fancy Our Meeting (with Elsie Randolph); Jack Buchanan Medley; So Green; OO! La! La!; Oceans of Time (with Elsie Randolph); Who Do You Think You are? (with Elsie Randolph); Weep No More, My Baby; Mr. Whittington - Medley (with Elsie Randolph); The Sun is Round the Corner (Elsie Randolph); I Think I Can; One Good Turn Deserves Another.

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