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"Banjoist Supreme"
Recordings from the 1920s

© Crystal Stream Audio 2002 IDCD76
Total playing time: 73.52

Crazy Jo'; If I Can't Get the Sweetie I Want (I Pity the Sweetie I Get); Ukulele Lady; An Island Made for Tow; (I Don't Believe it but) Say it Again; Ya Gotta Know How to Love; You Know - I Know Ev'rything's Made for Love; Where do You Work - A, John?; Collette; A Tree in the Park; Where's That Rainbow; I've Never Seen a Straight Banana; At Sundown; My Sunday Girl; Down South; Afraid of You; Oh! You Have No Idea; What a Girl! What a Night!; Kansas City Kitty; I'm Wild About Horns on Automobiles that Go 'Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta'; Singin' in the Rain; The Whoopee Hat Brigade; One Sweet Kiss; Marianne.

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