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USA comedy recordings from the 1920s to the 1940s

© Crystal Stream Audio 2002 IDCD87
Total playing time: 73.57

Banana Oil - Vaughn De Leath; No News (or "What Killed the Dog") - Frank Crumit; Oh, You Have No Idea - Sophie Tucker; Is Everybody in Your Family as Dumb as You is? - 'Amos and Andy'; Twisting the Dials - The Happiness Boys; The Prune Song - The Duncan Sisters; Dangerous Nan McGrew - Helen Kane; Since They are All Playing Miniature Golf - Billy Murray and Walter Scanlan; Dizzy - Burns and Allen; Hal Roach - MGM Presents Laurel and Hardy; Practising the Piano - Mae Questal; Hello Momma - George Jessel; Laugh, Laugh, Laugh - Abbot and Costello; Put it There, Pal - Bing Crosby and Bob Hope; The Temperance Lecture - W. C. Fields.

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