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Latest Releases

Ambrose and His Orchestra
with vocals by Sam Browne (and a few others)
50 recordings from 1930 and 1931

Emil Coleman and His Orchestra
'Heavenly Night'
Recordings from 1930 to 1935

Ben Bernie and His Orchestra
'The Old Maestro of the Mountain'
53 recordings from 1923 to 1936

Harry Reser and His Orchestra
'Just a Little Dance'
52 recordings from 1925 to 1934

Sam Browne
Volume Four
'Look for the Silver Lining'
51 recordings of vocal choruses with dance bands from 1930 to 1933

Volume Five
'We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines'
52 recordings of vocal choruses with dance bands, 1933 to 1946

New Mayfair Dance Orchestra
Directed by Ray Noble
Volume Four
'Midnight, the Stars and You'
52 recordings recordings from 1932 to 1934

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Single CDs: A$19.50 to adresses within Australia
A$23.00 to other countries
Double CDs: A$24.00 to addresses within Australia
A$27.50 to other countries

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Some reviews of Crystal Stream Audio CDs by MEMORY LANE, England.

Crystal Stream Audio provides an opportunity for collectors (and those who still remember) to hear the music of the past. Many of the tracks on these CDs have not been available for years. To ensure maximum listening pleasure the recordings have been lovingly restored from high quality original discs held in private collections. Each CD contains more than 70 minutes of playing time!

As the CDs are completed they are added to the catalogue and we are always pleased to hear from collectors who may have particular favourites they would like to hear again.

You can hear a couple of compressed, medium quality MP3 samples of tracks from the CDs listed under 'Latest Releases' by clicking on the highlighted selections shown on the pages for the CDs. Also, by 'clicking' on 'Before & After' you will hear how old recordings can be 'restored' to improve the enjoyment of the listener.

It should be noted that Crystal Stream Audio CDs are manufactured and sold in Australia under applicable laws, including the Copyright Act 1968 (and subsequent amendments). They are intended for private use only and purchasers should be aware that any other use may breach the copyright laws (and others) in their countries. Crystal Stream Audio does not provide a facility for the digital transmission of its sound files by 'downloading' and the web site is intended to be used only for purchasers to express their desire to obtain the CDs and to facilitate the payment process.