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For more recordings by SAM BROWNE see AMBROSE and His Orchestra , Jack Hylton and His Orchestra and DUETS

SAM BROWNE - Volume Three
More Vocal Recordings
recordings from 1930 to 1948

© Crystal Stream Audio 2001 IDCD83
Total playing time: 78.22

I Shall Keep on Loving You; Nobody Cares if I'm Blue; Snuggled on Your Shoulder; When Work is Through; Moon; Holding My Honey's Hand; Just a Little Home for the Old Folks; I Get a Kick Out of You; The Star and the Rose; Lost; When Old Friends Meet Again; Hill Billy Hits; Waltz Song Favourites; Don't Forget the Old Folks at Home; Memory Valley; Is That the Way to Treat a Sweetheart?; There'll Always be an England; Hands Across the Sea; I'm Praying Tonight for the Old Folks at Home; I Never Loved Anyone; I'm So All Alone; No Orchids for My Lady; One has My Name (the Other has My Heart); Sunflower; I'll Keep the Lovelight Burning (in My Heart)

Includes duets with Eve Becke, Vera Lynn, Billie Lockwood and George Scott-Wood.

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SAM BROWNE - Volume Two
Vocal Recordings
recordings from 1932 to 1948

© Crystal Stream Audio 2001 IDCD73
Total playing time: 78.19

Home; By the Fireside; Paradise; Good Evening; We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye; Love Me Tonight; Here Lies Love; Someday We'll Meet Again; Always in My Heart; I'm Sure of Everything but You; Gee, Oh Gosh, I'm Grateful!; What's Good for the Goose, is Good for the Gander; My Shadow's Where My Sweetheart Used to Be; Gypsy Violin; Rhythm in My Nursery Rhymes; Let's Face the Music and Dance; I'm Shooting High; Alone; Please Believe Me; A Melody from the Sky; Did Your Mother Come From Ireland; The Girl in the Alice Blue Gown; Please Remember; There'll Never be Another You; The Promise in Your Eyes.

Includes duets with Anona Winn, Elsie Carlisle, Billie Lockwood and George Scott-Wood.

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recordings from 1929 to 1948
Crystal Stream Audio 1999 IDCD41
Total playing time: 72.26
Sweetheart of All My Dreams; I'm in the Market for You; Should I; When You were My Sweetheart (and I was the Kid Next Door); The Waltz You Saved for Me; Leave the Rest to Nature; Day by Day; Looking on the Bright Side; After To-night We Say Goodbye; Brighter Than the Sun; Night After Night; My Darling; The Gold Diggers Song; Night and Day; I Saw Stars; Who's Been Polishing the Sun; Watermelon Fete; Down South; Never Break a Promise; The Umbrella Man; When the Night is Through; What Do We Care?; Life is Nothing Without Music; Forever Mine.

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